Dr. Mohammad Delshad

Dr. Mohammad Delshad


Mohammad Delshad has more than 25 years of experience in advanced petrophysics and enhanced oil recovery research. His expertise also includes teaching, technical staff management, developing research plans, and coordinating research consortiums.

He also has many years of diverse operational and production experience including reservoir studies for prospect development and exploratory drilling programs, evaluation of workover candidates and upside potentials, and reserve and economic evaluation of acquisition packages.

Mohammad Delshad is a Petroleum Engineering Specialist in Reservoir Engineering Technology Team at Aramco Research Center – Houston. He was responsible for establishing Aramco’s research centers in Houston and Boston. Prior to 2011, he was with Saudi Aramco for 9 years in Dhahran in the Advanced Technical Services Division (ATSD) of EXPEC Advanced Research Center, responsible for core analysis studies, test standardization, quality control, and data management in addition to research in areas such as rock facies based core analysis, pore network modeling, artificial neural network, and simulation of laboratory experiments. He was also responsible for developing the curriculum for training petrophysicists in becoming independent contributors.

Prior to Aramco, he was the President and Senior Consultant of Zenergy Resources, Ltd. (2000 – 2002), Research Fellow with Center for Petroleum &Geosystems Engineering, University of Texas, Austin, Texas (2002), Adjunct Faculty in Finance/Accounting/CIS Departments, University of Houston (2002), Senior Reservoir Engineer, Sabco Oil & Gas Corporation (1997 – 2000), Advanced Research Scientist, Texaco Exploration & Production Technology Department, Houston (1990-1997).

Mohammad holds a BS (Civil Engineering), MS and a PhD (Petroleum Engineering) all from the University of Texas at Austin. He is a member of Society of Core Analysts, Society of Petroleum Engineers, and a registered Professional Engineer. He was the President of the Society of Iranian Professionals (SIP) of Texas (1992-2000), Program Committee & Publication Committee Member (2003-2006) and Vice-Chairman of Programs (2005) of SPE-Saudi Section.